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i use fx player in registered mode.

i need help for ftp mode with my Qnap TS419 Nas.

Actually i use a ftp client and i see the three directory. But i wish to play video on my nas with fx player.

I put all information with username/password, port (21) and ip...encoding UTF-8 but everytime exit the network error message.

How can i resolve?

Why if i see one video, the video stop if i switch to another program?

Fx player 2.0.3 with Samsung S9+ Android10
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Hi, Sergioita.

Sorry for your inconvenience.
can you login your ftp other FTP clients like Filezilla (https://filezilla-project.org/)?
If you can connect your ftp from other ftp clients but FX Player, Please, let us know about your NAS's FTP settings (screenshots welcomed) to dev@fipe.tv. We are going to investigate the problems as soon as possible.

Thanks you.